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Absolutely no adult, pornography, racist, illegal, offensive, illegal products, medicine, drugs, cigarettes, weapons, scams, chain letters, sites with dubious claims, sites with adware or spyware, viruses, or other questionable products or services blogs or web sites or similar advertisements or banners are permitted with You agree to place the HTML code generated by and to display other members banners and to remove them if for some reason you were banned or kicked out for violating these terms. The HTML code must be unaltered and you will place one to three on a page where the majority of your site visitors will see the ads which is commonly the index or home page of your blog or web site and then you can place them on additional pages with less traffic. You can not have an excessive number or banner ads or ads of any other kind. Excessive is defined by and is subject to revue. Sites displaying multiple pop-up or pop-under windows are not allowed. Pages displaying member's banners need to be correctly classified. You must classify your own blog or web site accurately when opening your account. If you change the general nature of your blog or web site, you must update the classification. You can be denied an account and can be terminated for any reason or no reason at all. If determines you cheated or violated terms you will forfeit all ads assigned to you and you agree you have no recourse to our determination at Your explanation can be accept or not in part or in whole and you agree to final determination as to your standing or violation of terms. Attempts to artificially generate credits or impressions of ads/banners by the use of auto-refresh pages or any other technique will lead to your account being terminated and possibly legal action taken against you. Attempts to acquire bonus ads or banners by any means, or use of artificial clicks on ads/banners or you or cause others to click on ads in an artificial way or by paying others or giving benefits of any kind to others to generate phony number of clicks will result in your account being terminated. The rate that you recieve ads for running ads on your blog or web site can change and can be lowered do to low click through rates on your site. The maximum is at 1 for 1 rate. Your account can be terminated in the event that you remove ads/banner HTML code from your site. If you terminate your account or leave it dormant it can be deleted. Neither or you are responsible for acts not caused by you or or are caused by natural disaster or computer or internet problems. You agree not to hold responsible in case of failure to deliver ads for any reason including program software problems or lack of the ability to deliver ads due to business conditions. Banners must be GIF or JPEG image format only and not offensive and can be rejected for any reason or no reason at all. No image maps or transparent banners are allowed, no code or redirects are allowed in ads/banners. Banners should be maximum (468x 60) pixels in size. Banner file size is currently limited to 50k. It is recommended that you optimize your images so that they display quickly, smaller size is recommended. reserves the right to delete an account and ban your membership or participation in either running ads or advertising for any reason or no reason at all and all remaining credits that remain in the account will be deleted. Your business, blog, web site, url, domain name or email address can be blocked for any reason or no reason at all. All terms in this agreement must be accepted and can be changed without notice at any time.

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